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If you want to reduce the amount of garden waste that seems to linger around your home then you can safely and legally get rid of it using an incinerator.  Many gardens suffer from an excess of hedge trimmings, leaves, branches, twigs.......the list is endless.  Why not use a garden burner to help you keep on top of the waste?

Garden incinerators have become much more commonplace in recent years and are simple items to use.  You have a metal frame or unit which you place your waste into and then set light to it. It’s that simple. All you need is a unit which can safely support and retain a pile of burning waste.

So with one of your own you’ll be able to rid your garden of dried leaves, snapped branches, hedge trimmings and mounds of dried mown grass very quickly and easily. The same goes for some other household items such as small amounts of confidential paper waste like bank statements, credit card bills and the like. You should not be using an incinerator, fire pit or fire basket for the disposal of either household waste or commercial waste. You can’t always wait for the next bin collection to come, and sometimes burning this green waste with an incinerator is the most practical and environmentally friendly way to do this (especially if you have a long trip to the tip to consider)

Many Local Authority refuse collection rounds and fornightly meaning than you could have piles of garden waste sat around waiting for disposal- well dont wait use an incinerator bin to tidy your home up.  Additionally if you have large branches from hedge's, tree's or some other thick stems there is a good chance you wont have the facility to dispose of it via your 'bins'.  In these instances the use of a fire pit or galvanised dustbin incinerator could well be the answer.


Garden incineration dosnt have to just be functional....there are some fantastic looking fire pits and fire baskets around which we be sure to compliment any outdoor space.  

Think of those late summer evenings when a bit of warmth from an open fire wouldnt go amiss........or a late autumn evening when an extra jumper is needed.  A firepit or fire basket is a simple and safe way to allow you stay outside that little bit longer- they also make a great focal pint for BBQ's and parties.

Our range covers both traditional blackened steel through to contemporary stainless steel options suited to modern urban gardens and outdoor spaces.


Chimineas orignated in Mexico where they were used for both cooking and heating purposes.  Orignally made of clay, today they are generally constructed of cast iron, reinforced clay or sometimes steel.  Whatever they are mae from you can be sure of a great focal point thats provides a lovely warmth for those hours spent outside

Please browse our full range of chimineas as we are sure to have one to suit...


Once you have your own incinerator, there are a few rules that you’ll need to follow. Obviously be careful about the materials you choose to burn, not everything is safe to use around flames, and could cause serious harm to you and your families. You should also be respectful to your neighbours when you use your incinerator. Think how you would feel if you’d just pegged out all of your washing, and then all of a sudden black smoke is brought over to it in the breeze. If you live somewhere where the houses and gardens are rather close together, consider the wind speed before you go ahead and light those flames.


You can buy these incinerators from most hardware and DIY stores. You can also buy them from numerous online retailers. As with any item, you will pay more depending on the added features and increase in size, but most of these incinerators are relatively reasonable in price. If you think of yourself as a particularly handy individual, you could even have a go at creating your own garden incinerator out of an old metal dustbin. If you have an old dustbin that’s taken a bit of a beating, you can think about recycling it for a new purpose.

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