Chiminea Types


The original style chiminea was believed to be Mexican in orgin where it was used for both cooking and for the provision of heat.  These were made of the locally abundant clay and if they cracked were simply patched up with a handful more.  The traditional style and shape that we have come to recognise is one with a large bowl at the bottom wth the chimney rising upwards.  We have a wide range to chose from and below we outline the main variations. Whichever version you chose they will all provide you with a lovely warmth when outside the house...

Clay Chimineas

Made from the traditional material and authentic id design, these look like they originally did!! A classic shape and sure to compliment most gardens.

These chimineas age well and do take on a lovely pattina once they are in use. Economical to buy and easy to maintain (they dont rust) but slightly fragile. If you are looking for the authentic option then a clay chiminea is probably for you.

Cast Iron Chimineas

Cast iron chimineas come in authentic sizes and shapes but have the benefit of solid and highly durable.  You can safely knock one of these over and be sure it wont crack!  Normally supplied in a blackened finish these can be repainted with an appropriate heat/fire resistant paint.  Another advantage of cast iron is that it conducts and retains heat very well helping to keep you warm for longer.

Want to cook as well

Chimineas were originally used for both heating and cooking...so if you fancy something different to burn your bangers and burgers on then have a look at the chiminea range supplied with cooking grills.  If you fancy outside entertaining with a twist then this could be the answer.

Steel Chimineas

Looking for all the durability and strength of a cast iron chiminea without the weight? Looking for a sleek, modern design to compliment a  contemporary garden or outside space?

If you can answer yes to the above then its probably a steel chiminea you are after.



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