Outdoor Pizza Ovens & Premium Range

Outdoor pizza ovens | Wood fired Ovens | Premium Fire Pits and Bowls

Want to enjoy your outside space with a warming fire pit or to use an outside oven to provide a great focal and talking point whilst cooking?

Outdoor pizza ovens are one the growing areas in outside entertainment- forget the BBQ!

Not only can they cook almost all the food you would in a conventional oven but they LOOK FANTASTIC! 

We sell ovens made of both stainless steel and traditional clay/brick. A clay/brick oven will generally take longer to reach a working temperature whilst a gas fired one will probably hit temperature in 15 minutes or so. All will be hard wearing and withstand the UK weather.

Our range of gas or wood fired ovens can be used throughout the year. The smell of outside cooking on a cool day is not to be underestimated.

We do suggest that you use a cover for your outside furniture, regardless of its construction, to protect it and prolong its life. 

Remember to use well seasoned or preferably kiln dried wood to power your stoves. We do suggest hardwood

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