Different Garden Incinerators

People have burnt their rubbish for years- we’ve all been to bonfire parties It’s no surprise then that more and more people are choosing to buy incinerators for their homes. 

Depending on your circumstances, you can buy large or small incinerators to help you dispose of all manner of garden waste products. Depending on the size you choose, there are a number of incinerator options available to you.

Budget Incinerators

These can be small or large incinerators in size, and are typically open sided  in their design. They often resemble waste paper baskets, and can be made from steel wire or mesh. These incinerators allow quick burning speeds, but need to be watched at all times due to the naked flames which are produced. For a slightly higher price, you can buy galvanised versions of these incinerators.

Galvanised Incinerators

Galvanised incinerators can range from the small right up to the larger versions and have a rather special quality. The metal used to make the incinerator is coated in zinc, which stops the incinerator from rusting, therefore prolonging its lifetime. Galvanisation simply refers to the method of protecting the method and can be applied to all designs of incinerator.  

Dustbin Incinerators

Again these encompass the full range of sizes, from the small versions suited to smaller or low maintainence gardens right up to the large incinerators.  As their name suggests, they look a lot like metal dustbins. Some of the larger incinerators come complete with lids that have attached handles that can be used for other purposes. Whilst other, often small incinerators, have chimneys built into their lids to increase airflow for faster burning times and to allow better smoke dispersal. 

Dustbin incinerators are often the most economical in the long run

Lidded Incinerators

These incinerators are safer than open incinerators, as the flames are contained within them. However, they do have limitations as the amount of oxygen that can reach the flames is reduced and they will have much slower burning times. 

Before you commit to a purchase, do your research. Think about what you need and what will continue to suit you in the future. Don’t be swayed by a cheap price if you’ll only end up using it once, or it becomes useless after it’s only been used for a few hours. It may seem like a good idea buying a large incinerator, but if you only have a small household with very little waste, go for a small incinerator instead, you can always expand in the future if your needs ever change.

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